Manganese catalase family (pseudocatalase)

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Manganese catalase (MnCat)


Manganse catalase is a non haem containing protein. They are sometimes referred to as pseudocatalases, constitute one minor catalase family and have a relatively small subunit size (28 to 36 kDa). They use two manganese ions instead of ferric heme in their active site. MnCat are able to catalyse the following reaction.
H2O2 + MnII-MnII(2H+)  → MnIII-MnIII + 2 H2O
H2O2 + MnIII-MnIII  → MnII-MnII(2H+) + O2

The nonheme catalases are not as widespread as the other heme-containing catalases. They have been identified only in bacteria and are poorly represented in Archeaebacteria (only detected in different Pyrobaculum) and Bacteroidetes/Chlorobi (only detected in Bacteroides caccae and Bacteroides capillosus). MnCat encoding sequence is dectected neither in Chlamydiae/Verrucomicrobia nor in Deltaproteobacteria nor in Epsilonproteobacteria.


Pfam: PF05067
Manganese containing catalase.
Interpro: IPR007760
Catalase manganese; IPR009078
Ferritin/ribonucleotide reductase-like and IPR012347


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