March 2018:
New version of Peroxibase Code have been revised, security enhanced and new functionnality added. Peroxibase now use  local cluster to process analysis

June 2016:
Circos like visualisation (June 2016)
orthology and paralogy relationships are avalaible within two species following orthogroup search

Mai 2016:
ROS gene network (Mai 2016)
12 new protein families belonging to the ROS gene network have been included in the Base

January 2016:
New field: Sequence Properties (January 2016)
Information on length, molecular weight, isoelectric point, presence of signal peptide and transmembrane domain are available

November 2015:
Orthogroup identification and graphical display (November 2015)
Homologous relationships (orthologs and paralogs) have been established thanks to OrthoMCL sofware. Membership to an orthogroup is visible from each individual peroxidase page. Access to the orthogroups is also possible from the "Browse the database" and "Analysis from input" menus.

Previous Updates:

January 2010:
DNA, CDS and cDNA/consensus field have been included and will be filled progressively.

May 2010:
Installation tool CIWOG that tracks the evolution of common introns within a family of proteins.
(2009 Wilkerson MD & al. Common Introns Within Orthologous Genes)

July 2010:
Adding access to from the Tools menu or from a Multicriteria search.
(2008 Dereeper A & al. : robust phylogenetic analysis for the non specialist Nucleic Acid Research.) Ability to achieve: Blastp, Blastn, Blastx, tBlastn. Results viewable as an image.

November 2010:
Intallation of MAFFT (multiple alignment tool) (2010 Katoh K. & Toh H. Parallelization of the MAFFT multiple sequence alignment program.)

December 2010:
Adding access to TreeDyn on since the results of MAFFT or ClustalW. TreeDyn is a manipulator of phylogenetic tree.
(2006 Chevenet F. & al. TreeDyn: towards dynamic graphics and annotations for analyses of trees.) Visualization of the phylogenetic tree or guide tree using Phylodendron