Graphical representation of the orthogroup

In green are the species and their ancestors which are in the orthogroup DyPrxB001.
In gray are the species and their ancestors which are not the orthogroup.
The leftmost node is the common taxon between all of the species in the group.
Click on a taxon to see the following taxons, if there are any.

By placing the mouse over a node a tooltip will appear. This tootip contains the taxonomic path from "Cellular organisms" to the node and, in the case of a species, the number of peroxidases in the orthogroup, the total number of peroxidases for that species in the orthogroup's class and where possible the names of those peroxidases. The common ancestor for the orthogroup is written in bold in the tooltip.

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Please note

If a species does not have a peroxidase in the orthogroup it does not mean that it does not exist, it could also be that the sequence has not yet been entered into the database.