A tool based on PROSITE profile methodology used to facilitate the classification of the sequences.
Profiles are built on the whole conserved region of each subfamily.
In order to make the profiles more specific, residues that are conserved in the whole family are lightened and residues specific to each subfamily are emphasized.
Different levels (hierarchies) have been prepared including superfamilies, families, classes and subclasses.
For each profile, the multiple sequence alignments contain annotations of residues conserved in the whole family, plus residues specific to the subfamily.
This information was used to build 80 sub-profiles specific to each subfamily, which cover all the diversity of peroxidases.

During the scanning process the various profiles of a similar hierarchical level are in competition and only the best score is reported as is done for overlapping profiles in the PROSITE database.
This profile classification allows the identification of wrongly annotated sequences in Redoxibase and their reassignment to their correct classification.

ps_scan will be run with your sequence against profiles specific for Proteins described elsewhere External Link.


The Input data for PeroxiScan are Protein sequences in fasta format.
Sequences longer than 2'000 amino acids will be truncated.