Entry information : SeCP01_PCC7942 (SynecspCP)
Entry ID 2426
Creation 2006-08-29 (Marcel Zamocky)
Last sequence changes 2006-08-29 (Marcel Zamocky)
Sequence status complete
Reviewer reviewer name not stored
Last annotation changes 2010-03-09 (Christophe Dunand)
Peroxidase information: SeCP01_PCC7942 (SynecspCP)
Name (synonym) SeCP01_PCC7942 (SynecspCP)
Class Catalase peroxidase    [Orthogroup: CP001]
Taxonomy Bacteria Cyanobacteria Synechococcus
Organism Synechococcus elongatus    [TaxId: 32046 ]
Cellular localisation Cytosolic
Tissue type N/D
Inducer N/D
Repressor N/D
Best BLASTp hits
Perox score E-value SeCP01_PCC7942
S start..stop
SeCP01_PCC6301 1479 0 1..720 1..720
SspCP01_PCC7002 1287 0 1..719 5..724
VpCP01_RIMD2210633 1246 0 4..717 8..721
VchCP01_N16961 1207 0 4..719 8..723
Literature and cross-references SeCP01_PCC7942 (SynecspCP)
Literature REFERENCE 1 Wada, K. and Tada, T. Crystal structure of catalase-peroxidase from Synechococcus PCC 7942.
REFERENCE 2 Copeland,A., Lucas,S., Lapidus,A., Barry,K., Detter,J.C., Glavina,T., Hammon,N., Israni,S., Pitluck,S., Schmutz,J., Larimer,F., Land,M., Lykidis,A. and Richardson,P. CONSRTM US DOE Joint Genome Institute

Direct Submission

Submitted (08-AUG-2005)
Protein ref. UniProtKB:   Q31MN3
DNA ref. GenBank:   CP000100.1 (1728081..1725919)
Protein sequence: SeCP01_PCC7942 (SynecspCP)
Sequence Properties
first value : protein
second value (mature protein)
Length (aa):   %s   720
PWM (Da):   %s   79912.74  
PI (pH):   %s   4.97
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Remarks genome sequencing project. The same CP was sequenced in 1996 (NCBI D16378, SwissProt Q55110), but there are quite some differences. We think this sequence is the most reliable, in particular for a region located between LEPIHD and TQLLG, where the "older" sequence gives a fragment non-homologous to any catalase-peroxidase. More detailed analysis revealed that a probable frameshift occured just after LEPIHD and another one just before TQLLG (i.e. sequencing errors). If these frameshifts are corrected, then we obtain the sequence "CYRNWLKQDYAATPEELLLDR", which is very similar to SeCP01_PCC 7942! A search in the whole genome of Synechococcus elongatus PCC7942 confirmed that there is only one CP in this organism. 3D structure known PDB code: 1ub2